Algol donates 25,000 euros to Arcada

Algol has donated 25,000 euros to Arcada University of Applied Sciences. The donated funds will be used for the procurement of digital solutions and to create innovative learning and research environments. Algol’s donations will enable the completion of a new learning environment, the Arcada Health Tech Hub, in spring 2023.

Arcada’s rector Mona Forsskåhl says that external funding is crucial to make the learning environments a reality.

“Government funding for higher education has decreased significantly in recent years, leaving no room for quality-enhancing investments. With combined efforts, we can ensure a vibrant bilingualism and diversity within both the public sector and business life” Forsskåhl says.

“Arcada offers high quality education in areas of high importance to the Algol Group and its customers in a wide range of industries. We are very pleased to be able to contribute to the completion of one of the new learning environments,” says Algol’s CEO Alexander Bargum.

Arcada Health Tech Hub is also supported by Sparbanksstiftelsen Esbo-Grankulla, Hélène och Walter Grönqvists Stiftelse, Helsingestiftelsen, Lisi Wahls stiftelse för studieunderstöd, Otto A. Malms donationsfond and Stiftelsen Tre Smeder.

Read more from Arcada’s news release in English or in Swedish.

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