Privacy policy

At Algol Group, we are committed to protecting the privacy of our users. We process personal information appropriately and only to the extent necessary for our operations. The processing of data is based on the general EU data protection regulation (2016/679) and the data protection law (1050/2018).

In this statement, we explain how we process your personal information in our various registers. We will update the privacy statements as necessary and will indicate the date of the change in the statement. If the changes are significant, we can also report them in other ways, such as by email or by notifying us on our website. We recommend that you visit our website regularly and be aware of any changes.

If you have any questions about our processing of personal information after reading our description, please do not hesitate to contact us.


You do not need to register to browse the website. We only ask for your personal information when you send us inquiries or feedback through the forms on the website.

In the forms, we will ask for your name, company, telephone number and / or e-mail address. The information you submit on the forms is secure. The information will be stored on the server for six months from the receipt of the form. The information provided for the management of the customer relationship is stored for the duration of the customer relationship, for example in the customer register (CRM).

Personal data is also collected, for example, in connection with registrations (using the Webropol form). The data will only be processed for that purpose.

Cookie Policies

We use cookies to collect statistical information about users of our website, which we use primarily to analyze and develop the use of our website. All information collected is anonymous and cannot be combined with individual users. Learn about the operation of cookies and the cookies we use.

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Contact information

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Tel. +358 9 5099 289