New! CellPath’s System II+ 2 Well and 4 Well Cassettes are now available

CellPath’s new System II+ 2 Well and 4 Well Cassettes incorporate multiple wells into the cassette allowing multiple biopsies to be processed simultaneously, significantly reducing user workload. It also negates the need to use tissue wrap or biopsy bags, making it easier to handle biopsies and reducing the risk of potential core fragmentation. Each well within the cassette is numbered to aid identification of the specific biopsy.

The System II+ 2 Well and 4 Well cassettes  have been validated for use with the Leica IPC, Sakura AutoWrite, Sakura SmartWrite and Primera Signature printers. Choose from a wide range of colors that not only enhance contrast for text and barcodes but also improve scannability and read rates. All versions are supplied loose, threaded or hoppered giving customers a wide choice of options depending on their requirements. Contact us for more information on pricing, models, and availability.

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