The fully automated IdyllaTM MSI Assay (RUO) performs the detection of microsatellite instability directly from formalin-fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) human cancer tissue sections utilizing a PCR reaction followed by high-resolution melting curve analysis. The fully automated samples-to-result process with integrated automated software interpretation and reporting makes this MSI analysis fast and easy-to-use in virtually any laboratory setting.

The fully automated IdyllaTM MSI Assay (RUO) performs detection of mutations in 7 novel MSI loci

  • ACVR2A
  • BTBD7
  • DIDO
  • MRE11
  • RYR3
  • SEC31A
  • SULF2.

These tumor-specific biomarkers do not require the analysis of paired normal tissue samples associated with traditional MSI/dMMR testing.

With its high concordance (> 95%) and low failure rates compared to standard methods, the IdyllaTM MSI Assay provides a fast, convenient and reliable alternative for any lab.

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